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Get up to speed with Excel in two mornings

Two 3-hour remote sessions for intermediate level or two 3-hour remote sessions for advanced level. 

Intermediate: May 15 & 16, 9am – 12 noon EDT
Advanced: May 25 & 26, 9am – 12 noon EDT

Experts Exchange qualified expertPresented in online Zoom sessions by a certified expert, one of the country’s most recognized Excel trainers and authors. 

Either course just $99

Or register for both and get $20 off.

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Excel live training - intermediate

Two 3-hour live, interactive sessions for intermediate Excel. See topics below.

Two 3-hour live, interactive sessions for advanced Excel. See topics below.

Combo of intermediate and advanced, save $20. See topics below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The intermediate course requires basic working knowledge of Excel, like how to write simple formulas and insert basic functions, how to move data around on a worksheet, how to resize, add and remove columns and rows. The advanced course requires intermediate knowledge of Excel, like the topics from the intermediate course.

Each course is 6 hours. To make it easier for you to fit them into your schedule, we do them in two 3-hour sessions on consecutive days.

Both of these courses were created by the instructor. He has been teaching Excel for over 25 years and has authored widely-watched videos and widely-read books on Excel.

Most of the content works in both Windows and Mac editions, though some Excel features (like Power Pivot) exist only in the Windows edition. The instructor will use the latest version of Excel 365 for Windows and will point out discrepancies with the Mac and older versions.

Yes! That’s the biggest advantage to live training. You will be able to ask questions either through your computer’s microphone or type them in the chat window.

Yes. The instructor grew up in New York and lives in New Jersey. English is his native language and some of his reviews note his clear speaking style.

You will get a certificate to show you completed the course. These are not formal Microsoft certification courses (and don’t cost as much).

No, there are no tests to take and pass. You will not be graded.

We use Zoom. You can run Zoom in your web browser or download the free desktop or mobile application. Go to for info.

Yes, we hope you will! That will make learning much more productive for you. It’s also why we don’t recommend taking the course on your phone.

As long as you can load Zoom on your device, yes. (Go to for info.) But we don’t recommend it. You will get more out of the course if you follow along on a desktop.

Yes! If you feel you need to take the course again, we will let you do it for free the next time it’s offered. Or if something really went haywire for you and you just want a refund, we will give you a full refund if you contact us within 24 hours of finishing the course.

Much of the content will work in Google Sheets as well as Excel. But some of the menus are different and some features (like Power Pivot) are unique to Excel and don’t work in Google Sheets. We cannot offer a refund if your reason for requesting it is that the course didn’t prepare you for GS.

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